Term Limits Convention – Utah Action Page


Term Limits Convention focus of 2017 Utah activism


A massive national campaign to limit the terms of the U.S. Congress has been launched and Utah is one of the first target states!

It is now clear that the best and fastest way to impose term limits on Congress is through a term limits convention as authorized by Article V of the U.S. Constitution. If two-thirds (34) of the states call for a convention of states for the purpose of proposing an amendment on a specific subject, the amendment convention ‘shall’ be called. The amendment it produces would go back to the states — not the Congress — for ratification.

Will Utah be one of the first states to make the call for The Term Limits Convention?

The answer can be YES, with your help.


For more information on the effort, or to reserve a speaker for your political (any party) or civic event, email us at Press@termlimits.org.