Our Board of Directors

Chairman of U.S. Term Limits, Mr. Howard Rich

Howard Rich founded U.S. Term Limits in 1991 and currently serves as Chairman. Under his leadership, USTL played a key role in enacting term limits on 15 state legislatures as well as enacting and protecting term limits in municipalities and counties all around the country. He and his wife, Andrea, reside in Philadelphia, PA.

Chairman of U.S. Term Limits Foundation, Mr. John Aglialoro

John Aglialoro is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated a variety of businesses for the past 40 years as Chairman and co-founder of UM Holdings Ltd. He serves as Chairman of CYBEX which is a full-line manufacturer of commercial exercise equipment owned by UM Holdings. He is also CEO of Atlas Distribution, the company that brought Ayn Rand’s classic Atlas Shrugged to the big screen as a movie trilogy. Mr. Aglialoro resides in Tavistock, New Jersey with his wife and business partner, Joan Carter

President, Mr. Philip Blumel

Philip Blumel is a two-time graduate at the University of Florida with a BA in Journalism and his MA in economics. Phil is a certified financial planner with Raymond James, a diversified financial services holding company primarily engaged with investing. Phil has served on the Palm Beach County Soil & Conservation Board and currently resides in South Florida with his wife and 2 children.

Sen. Duncan Scott

Duncan Scott is a practicing attorney with four decades of experience on public policy campaigns including term limits. Scott served as Special Counsel to Governor Susanna Martinez in 2011 and as a member of the New Mexico State Senate from 1992-1996. He resides with his wife Suzanne in Kalispell, MT.

Mr. Travis Anderson

Mr. Anderson was born in San Francisco 1955, and received his BA at Yale in 1977.  He is the CEO and managing partner at R. Gilder & Co. (now Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co., LLC), a money management firm and broker-dealer based in New York City.

 Mr. Paul Jacob

A longtime political activist, organizer and leader, Paul has fought tooth & nail for term limits and direct democracy. Paul has led over 100 initiative and ballot access campaigns around the country, and hosts a radio show that is aired daily to over 150 radio stations throughout the country. Paul has served on the Libertarian Party National Committee, the Board of Directors at the Center for Independent Thought, and as President at the Citizens in Charge Foundation. Paul resides in Virginia with his wife and 3 kids.

Mr. Joseph Stilwell

Mr. Stilwell lives and works in New York, New York where he has managed a group of private investment partnerships since 1993.

Mr. Paul Farago

Paul Farago resides in Asheville, North Carolina, where he is a licensed acupuncturist. Mr. Farago was very active in the national and state legislative term limits campaigns in the 1990’s and when he resided in Oregon, served as Chief Petitioner on state and local term limits ballot measures.

Mr. Tim Jacob

Tim Jacob is an activist, painter and businessman who resides in Little Rock, Arkansas. A graduate of Hendrix College in ’78, Jacob is now the Vice President of Modern Image Systems, a company that sells and services digital and laser printing devices. Jacob is also the Chairman of Arkansas Term Limits, a group that enacted term limits in Arkansas in 1992 and fought to defend them in 2004 and 2014.

Mr. Steve Merican

Mr. Merican is a litigator, mentor, lecturer, strategist, and writer. His law practice focuses on appeals in state and federal courts, and he has a peer-reviewed Preeminent rating. Steve is an accomplished public speaker and media interviewee on public policy and legal issues, and his wife says that Steve is a pretty nice guy.