Strong Start for South Carolina’s D-5 Speical Election – Two Candidates Back Term Limits

There is a special election in South Carolina’s fifth Congressional District.Mullikin and Connelly are running to replace ex-Rep. Mick Mulvaney, a major supporter of term limits who also signed … [Read more...]

Term Limits Rock the States and Congress

by Philip BlumelI have an exciting update on the national term limits movement.The action is happening in Washington and state capitals, as U.S. Term Limits campaigns for term limits on … [Read more...]

Citizens Rally as Trump Pushes Term Limits

by Paul JacobLast year, Americans — everywhere from Montgomery County, Maryland, bordering the nation’s capital on the east coast, to sunny Santa Clara, California, on the west coast — voted to … [Read more...]

Anti-Term Limit Lawmakers BUSTED for Bribery

by Nick TomboulidesIn 2014, Arkansas state legislators used misleading ballot language to trick Arkansas voters into gutting the state's term limits law.Now the same politicians behind that … [Read more...]

Term Limits Won Big on ‘16 Ballot

By: Alannah NicPhaidinIn a divided and bitterly fought election year, there was one issue that had a 100% pass rate across the country on November 8th, 2016: term limits.Over 40 different … [Read more...]