Legislator Handbook

This Handbook is designed to provide both a historical primer on the term limits issue and practical guidance on how to apply successfully for an Article V Term Limits Convention.

The American people have lost faith in Congress and made up their minds on term limits. Recent polling by Gallup and Veraquest Research found that 75 percent of Americans would like to see term limits enacted on the U.S. House and Senate. That figure includes huge majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents.

With the Supreme Court ruling that limits on Congress must come by constitutional amendment, there are only two options: waiting on Congress to propose the amendment or applying for an Article V convention so state-selected delegates can propose it.

History has shown the latter is our best option. Due to its conflict of interest, Congress has proven unreliable at best and disruptive at worst when asked to move on term limits.

For the 15 states with legislative term limits, applying for the Convention merely asks for the same or a similar standard to be set at the federal level. For lawmakers who are not term-limited themselves, this issue provides an opportunity to elucidate the difference between state government and the dismal state of representation in Washington. Of all our nation’s elected bodies, Congress is furthest removed from the people it’s elected to serve and thus most susceptible to abuse. For that reason, corrective reforms need to be bolder than anywhere else in America.

The Handbook proceeds from here by answering the what, why and how of both term limits and Article V convention. Relying on research from top constitutional scholars, it demonstrates not only that convention is a viable path but that it was designed for a purpose like ours.


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