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Help Save Ohio’s Term Limits

April 2015: The Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission — which is made up entirely of legislators, lobbyists and their appointees — is set to recommend to the Legislature that term limits be weakened from 8 years in one seat to 12. Any term limit longer than eight years distorts the reform to politicians’ benefit, while postponing further the competitive open-seat elections that citizens deserve. Since the Commission was hand-picked by people who stand to gain professionally from weaker term limits, its very existence represents a conflict of interest.

Career politicians were no help at all in enacting Ohio’s eight-year term limits. Citizens alone put the limits on the ballot and enacted them with a landslide 68 percent vote. Polls today show that 70 percent of Ohio voters prefer eight-year limits over any alternative. Now may be our only chance to stop this attack!

Here’s how you can help:

  • Contact the “Modernization Commission” at 614-644-2022 to tell them “Eight is Enough” years for Ohio politicians. Tell them they should be focusing on real issues, not how to keep politicians employed longer.
  • Use PublishALetter.com to send a Letter to the Editor of the Ohio newspaper of your choice, opposing the scheme to lengthen term limits.
  • Reach out to your State Rep or State Senator, to let them know they should vote “NO” on any change to the current term limits law. Contact your Senator here. Contact your House member here.
  • Distribute USTL’s “Save Ohio Term Limits” palm flyer in your community. This will alert fellow citizens to the legislators’ scheme and encourage them to get active.

Threat Level: VERY HIGH