Red Alert: Palm Beach Gardens City Council Is Attempting to Gut Term Limits!

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In November 2014, Palm Beach Gardens voters went to the polls to send a decisive message: It’s time for term limits! With high turnout, 80 percent of Gardens voters said “yes” to enacting a two-term, six-year total limit on members of the City Council. In a separate ballot question, 68 percent of voters said the new limits should apply retroactively to current council members.

But the city council – nearly the highest paid in Palm Beach County — don’t like the new limits, even though the measure opened up the seats for them to run for. The council wants to weaken the term limit and exempt time already served, two moves aimed at serving their own personal interests at the expense of the citizens.

Gardens vote

With a nearly 80% approval rate of the term limits measure, the council cannot expect to win an honest vote. For this reason, they are threatening to put the measure on the low-turnout March ballot instead of the general election ballot in November. In November 2014, 20,000+ votes were cast. Only 7,000 were cast in the March 2014 municipal election. It is clear as day: This new referendum is a conscious effort to disenfranchise the voters.

The citizen initiative effort to enact term limits required hard work, sizeable expense and an enormous amount of time by Palm Beach Gardens citizens with their own jobs and lives. Now the well-compensated council, with an effortless council vote, wants to put citizens through it all again to benefit themselves.

Tell the five members of the Palm Beach Gardens City Council: Don’t touch our term limits!  Complete the form above to send your email. The voters have already decided 6 years total is enough.