Term Limits Rock the States and Congress

West side view of the United States Capitol building.

by Philip Blumel

I have an exciting update on the national term limits movement.

The action is happening in Washington and state capitals, as U.S. Term Limits campaigns for term limits on Congress by any means necessary.

In D.C., Congressman Ron DeSantis and Senator Ted Cruz have introduced the USTL amendment and are working with President Trump to add sponsors and secure a vote.

But let’s be real. Congress is not going to propose a term limits amendment on its own. That’s why we are also working with states to bypass Congress and have states pass the amendment through the Term Limits Convention!

The founders created that option because they knew how stubborn Congress would become. They knew we would need another path forward.

In the last week, Alabama, Illinois, South Carolina and Utah all filed the Term Limits Convention bill.

Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas will be the next batch to file.

Now we need to get into those state legislatures and pass the bills.

As soon as your state files, the grassroots leader in your area will email you with a way to get in touch with your lawmakers.

Remember: congressional term limits is the most bipartisan and popular political issue in America. But it’s still not the law of our land, because career politicians refuse to listen.

Our only choice is making them listen by demanding our states pass the Term Limits Convention.

Philip Blumel is the President of U.S. Term Limits

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