To everyone’s surprise, Former Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville left the Michigan state legislature’s term limits alone in 2014. He realized that going against voters’ will and using resources to attack a popular reform wasn’t worth the gamble.

Republican Rep. Ed McBroom thinks otherwise. Just a few months into session and he’s already helped craft THREE separate bills weakening term limits. HJR V, W and X are now awaiting further review by the House Election Committee.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Contact Rep. McBroom at 517.373.0156 to say “HANDS OFF TERM LIMITS”. Public servants should focus on real issues – not how to keep politicians employed longer.
  • Use PublishALetter.com to send a Letter to the Editor of the Michigan newspaper of your choice, opposing the scheme to lengthen term limits.
  • Click below to find your representative and ask them to vote “NO” any any attempt to torpedo term limits

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