Nevada State Rep. Tick Segerblom will forever be remembered as the legislator who claimed “his peeps were begging him to stay in the legislature for life”.

TickSegerblom Tweet

Which is funny, because even the committee Tick presented his bill to abolish term limits in, immediately saw through the ridiculous notion that “elections are term limits” and shot it down after quick review.

All is well on the western front, now it’s time to stand on guard for anything new that might pop up.

Threat Level: DEAD

SJR 10, This measure if passed would repeal term limits for state legislature. A hearing was held April 1st but no action was taken by the committee. At this time we are not certain whether this bill will pass or fail


We would like to thank those of you who called you legislature and the the 11 members who voted against the measure

Please call these representatives and ask why they want to end term limits
Michael SchneiderYea(H) 702-876-5121
(C) 702-610-5240
Randolph TownsendYea(W) 775-954-2020
(LCB) 775-684-1450
(H) 775-825-5111
(F) 775-954-2023
(C) 775-771-1555
Maurice WashingtonYea(W) 775-331-3826
(LCB) 775-684-1480
(F) 775-331-7647
Bernice MathewsYea(LCB) 775-684-1433
(H) 775-673-2086
Mike McGinnessYea(LCB) 775-684-1442
(H) 775-423-5889
Warren HardyYea(W) 702-528-7312
(LCB) 775-684-1462
(H) 702-453-1112
(F) 702-453-1155
Barbara CegavskeYea(W) 702-873-0711
(LCB) 775-684-1445
(LCB Room Number) 2104
(H) 702-873-0711
(F) 702-222-9909
William RaggioYea(W) 775-786-5000
(LCB) 775-684-1419
(F) 775-786-1177
Dean RhoadsYea(LCB) 775-684-1447
(H) 775-756-6582
(F) 775-756-5544