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February 2014: Even after getting rejected by 76% of the vote in 2008, the South Dakota anti-term limits crowd is at it again. This time, a group of career-minded politicians in the state legislature has introduced HJR 1002, which again aims to lengthen term limits from eight years in one seat to twelve. Thankfully, there is also an alternative bill on the table — HJR 1003 — which protects and strengthen’s South Dakota’s term limits. The enemies of term limits in the legislature are moving fast, so now is the time to act.

Threat Level: DEAD

Excellent work. In response to a tremendous grassroots campaign, the South Dakota State Senate voted 23-12 to kill the anti-term limits measure.

Read U.S. Term Limits President Philip Blumel’s Statement to the South Dakota Legislature (2/3/14)



After a massive defeat in 2008, when a measure aimed at repealing the term limits law failed with 76 percent of voters voting NO, South Dakota legislators have once again introduced a bill aimed at gutting the current term limits law.

SJR 3, Sponsored by Senator Hansen, if passed,  would lengthen the number of years an elected official can serve in each chamber to 12 years.  The bill as introduced, did not include a term limits extension, however it was amended in committee to lengthen term limits.  The committee and senate have both passed the bill.  It is currently in the House State Affairs Committee. It stalled in committee and died with ajornment.


WHAT YOU CAN DO: Congratulate yourself,  The hard work you put in paid off

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