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Congress has a 13 percent approval rating, but a 95 percent re-election rate! That's because our elected leaders can abuse their power to keep away electoral challenges, which transfers power away from citizens and into the hands of unaccountable career politicians.

Won’t you help us break this cycle, by signing the online petition below?

Term Limits NOW petition for U.S Congress

Whereas, Congress ratings are at an historic low point; and

Whereas, the American people no longer trust career politicians who run for reelection over and over again; and

Whereas, members of Congress seem to care more about pandering to campaign contributors and special interest groups than representing their constituents; and

Whereas, election rules and government power have been perverted so that it has become almost impossible for the people to vote their elected representatives out of office; and

Whereas, 75% of the American people support term limits;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved, that I do hereby call on you to publicly support a two-term limit on members of The Senate and a three-term limit on members of The House.


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